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Welcome to TOP GRADE WRITERS, a custom paper writing company specializing in a broad range of academic fields among them Business Studies, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Economics, Finance, IT management, Law and Computer Science. We concentrate on providing quality custom papers in all academic levels like high school, Undergraduate, Masters, College, and PHD level. Our company has been in existence since 2008. All through, our main goal has been to support students at various levels to achieve their academic aspirations and goals without having to use up too much time writing their assignments.

 Our Staff

TOP GRADE WRITERS believes in providing the best services to our esteemed clients and our staff members play a major part in attaining this goal. To ensure proper execution of tasks by the company, we have a team of dedicated workers who work in different sections in the company. Such departments are order management, writer supervision, payment processing, database and website programming, and even billing department. All these operate as a team to make sure that the various tasks are completed at ease.

 Our writers

So as to maintain top quality on our products, we employ the skilled writers who have the required qualifications. The writers are commonly university graduates and most of them are holders of an MBA or a PHD. With this, we are able to deliver excellent custom papers for all academic level. The diversity of specialization presented by our writers enable us to handle papers from all academic disciplines. Prior to embarking on writing any order, our writers must conduct extensive study on the topic and then determine the general outline of the order. Through these dedicated teams of writers we are able to create an outstanding repute in this industry.

Customer Care

At TOP GRADE WRITERS we desire to maintain contact with all our clients. We prioritize and always make sure that we uphold communication between writers, and our customers. Our customer care team is always available even during weekends or public holidays. Our customers support center consists of qualified professionals, to whom you can contact via email, phone or live chat.


  • Absolute confidentiality

We ensure that your work is handled with the highest confidentiality level and care. We value our customers’ privacy and any personal information given to us is just aimed at offering you the required service and not any other purpose. When dealing with TOP GRADE WRITERS, be assured that such information can never be availed to a third-party.

  • Free Revisions

We assure you that whenever you need your papers to be revised, we will gladly do it at no additional charge.

  • Free Scanning for Plagiarism

We shall scan your papers for plagiarism as soon as the writer is done with it.

  • A Perfect Combination of Cost and Quality

TOP GRADE WRITERS guarantees you delivery of high quality work at very competitive charges.

  • Original Papers

We make sure that each of your papers is written from scratch in order to prevent plagiarism in your final paper.

  • Highly Skilled and Experienced Writer to handle the Paper

We hire highly experienced and qualified writers with verifiable academic achievements. These professionals are endowed to present you the best quality.


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